A Fragile Tomorrow “Circling”

Aggressively psychedelic is “Circling” A Fragile Tomorrow released on MPress Records.  Lyrically “Circling” tackles the tough mental area that is when one believes, or actually is, circling the drain.  Things start to build up beyond reality and the world starts to look unmanageable while your day to day life becomes years to years and before you know it…  well that was almost morbid.  “Circling” is awesome, the synthesizers are great, it is one of the few monotone approaches to singing that I’ve been able to get into lately.  Syncopated distorted strings accompany organic sounding drums on a mostly electronic sounding landscape that is epic.  Dynamically the song varies greatly between the chorus and verses which is sure to keep the listener engaged.  A major point that I enjoyed in the song is the jump scares that are those brief moments between sections where the band collectively inhales before jumping into another section of the song.  Stick around for the solo at 2:05, it is an artistic take on a guitar solo that makes you think about what a solo actually is.  Meaning is it a high frequency of notes run through a wah pedal and distortion or is a chance for a member of a group to truly express their individuality within the band.


From the band:

“Musically, this song evolved a lot. We just had the verse progression at first, and it was a lot slower. At some point, I was listening to the Next Day record from David Bowie and there was a song on there with a really fast paced groove that almost had elements of dance and electronica. It kind of clicked that we should take this in a similar direction, so we did and that’s when the rest of the song happened.

Lyrically, I wrote the song two weeks after my mother died. I’d just come home to Savannah after staying with dad, and decided to go into the studio and just see what happened. I obviously couldn’t stop thinking about her death, so the lyric deals prominently with the idea of the end being near but not being able to let go 100% yet. I’ve never had an anxiety attack writing lyrics before, but sitting in an empty recording studio by myself with nothing but my thoughts, trying to translate those thoughts to paper, was truly a mind fuck. I felt extremely tense and anxious the entire time I wrote and demo’d those lyrics. Lyrically and melodically it’s one of the songs I’m most proud of.”

A Fragile Tomorrow began as a trio of teen brothers, who have since added an additional fourth member, who rose above a difficult, tragedy-laden childhood and channeled their emotions into smart, catchy, dreamy pop music. Having released five independent albums, the band has toured extensively with artists such as Indigo GirlsMatthew Sweet, The Bangles, and Toad The Wet Sprocket. AFT also won an Independent Music Award for their duet with distant cousin, Joan Baez, which Consequence Of Sound called “…a gorgeous and eccentric tribute.”

A staple in the Southern power-pop scene, Blurt Magazine dubbed them “One of South Carolina’s leading indie lights, period.” The members have collectively collaborated with many renowned musicians including Gail Ann Dorsey (David Bowie), Mark Hart (Crowded House), Emily Saliers (Indigo Girls), Susan Cowsill, Peter Holsapple (the dBs) and Lucy Wainwright Roche.

A Fragile Tomorrow’s upcoming album, Generation Loss, is a quasi-psychedelic pop soundscape touching upon themes of loss and regeneration in our questioning, chaotic social times.  The first single and video, “Dig Me Out”, premiered with The Pop Break magazine. The band will hit the road early this spring in support of the release and two more official music videos are slated to debut soon.


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