Hypnumb “On Fire”

A band from a town with an incredibly interesting name Christchurch, NZ.  Hypnumb “On Fire” is a song about waking hungover and from the looks of the video the only treatment is some hair of the dog.  This swagger filled blues rock track is fun with a driving beat and a down and dirty distorted guitar riff.  One of my favorite points in the video is @ 1:03 when the video cuts to a percussionist sitting on the couch with a tambourine and the beat picks up a notch.  “Can anyone tell me if I’m really dead” is an edgy and angsty lyric.  The song picks up to a garage rock level of distortion with loud crash overheads before fading down dynamically into a break that sets up nicely for a bluesy guitar solo where the arrangement features all aspects of the rhythmic portion solo’d out.  The outro is loud and aggressive and the fullest portion of the song.  “On Fire” is a track for fans of blues rock with an extra edge and a cool female frontman.  Personally I’d rather put this song night of rather than morning after but having run a very thorough field test I’d say “On Fire” is good for both.

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