“Model Youth” Analog Party

This song moves fast and is a well produced upbeat angsty rock and roll track.  Hailing from Los Angeles and the Sunset Strip this band sounds like they’re right at home.  To me they remind me of Velvet Revolver or Stone Temple Pilots.  The lead singer has a voice that will give you chills and a dynamic range that is epic.  Big fan of everything going on in this song including the tense guitar licks, driving drums, and phat bass lines.  “Model Youth” is the first release ever from Analog Party and they’re really onto something as far as rock bands go.  Every member is talented and fits in well together, really hoping to hear more of Analog Party in the future.  This track is the perfect level of hard rock and if you’re a fan of raw angst this is going to scratch your itch nicely.

Comprised of singer and multi-instrumentalist Animaan Pathak and bassist Charles Horin, Analog Party is bringing a level of much needed edge back to the forefront of rock music. After releasing two independent EPs under the name Dead White Day, and playing electrifying gigs at local venues like The Viper Room and The Satellite, Analog Party are ready to unleash “Model Youth,” their latest batch of ferocious and fearless rock songs – and first under the Analog Party name. While the band’s name could reflect their affinity for 90s grunge/alternative rock as well as 60s/70s classic rock, Analog Party has crafted a sound that remains entirely fresh and original. According to Animaan, the band is “a forward thinking band. We love all the classic bands because there is a wealth of influence to take from those artists, but we strive to reinterpret that influence in a way that sounds fresh and exciting by marrying influences from eclectic places – we love everything from thrash metal to 60s Italian film soundtracks.” Exhausted by the current trend of shallow mainstream music, Analog Party are ready to make a big impact with their brand of fierce and ambitious rock n’ roll.

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