Savannah Sgro “Love Me Like You Used To”

Utilizing modern production techniques and well placed automated delay is 22 year old originally Las Vegas and now Boston based songwriter Savannah Sgro.  “Love Me Like You Used To”.  The introspective and poignant lyricism displayed in Savannah Sgros songwriting is wise as she acutely portrays a tired relationship.  Production wise the song is familiar with programmed drums and synth picked to a modern pop sound.  The song was mixed and mastered by Johnny Simmen (Warner Chappel).  The vocals are pushed out into delay at the ends of phrases and occasionally a tremolo effect.  Atmospheric during the verses and picking up for the choruses the pre-chorus are a crescendo into the choruses that layers in the percussion arrangement.  Vocally the timbre is light and breathy and hurt/painful.

Definitely worth a listen, check it out below.

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