Aaron Taos “Is It Anything?”

Filtered drums and atmospheric guitar layers lead the arrangement into the twelve second mark where the filters come off and the production gets bigger.  “Is It Anything” by Aaron Taos and featuring rapper Khary, the Brooklyn based producer seems to always deliver the best tracks.  Lyrically the song is an existential crisis.  1:50 “Nope”.  Turns out it is nothing, maybe read some Friedrich Nietzsche while you jam out to this track that bridges the gap between; pop culture, philosophical questioning, and the modern day technology addiction.  If you like your philosophy with a catchy beat and a Sunday morning wake and bake sounding dream-pop guitar layer this is probably going to be one of your favorite tracks.

This is the third single from Aaron Taos upcoming release “Birthday Boy”.  Check it out below and make sure to follow him for some awesome new music which he consistently seems to be able to put out.

“Is It Anything?” is a reflection song about a career in music. It’s about the constant questioning “Am I good enough?,” “What am I trying to say?” “Do I even want it anyway?” With the current state of music with everything being produced and released at such a rapid pace, I think it’s important to constantly step back and re-evaluate what it is that you reaaaaally actually want to say and why exactly you’re feeling disappointed, excited, or any number of highs and lows that come with this stuff. More generally, it’s about the process of going down the rabbit hole chasing a goal, whether it be a career, a person, or a feeling and when/if you finally attain that thing – is it all you thought it would be? My friend and talented Brooklyn artist Khary jumped on the third verse and really hit it home.

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