Dilan Jay “Kick Back”

The familiar relaxing tone of singer-songwriter reggae are what you’ll get with “Kick Back” by Dilan Jay.  The southern California sun and chill vibes of this tune allow the listener to both relate to the lyrics with their busy lives and also relax to the soothing instrumentals.  The music video has a humorous edge that is endearing to the production.  We see two protagonists, one who is inside just wants to take a nap and the other dragging a sofa to the seaside.  The protagonist inside can’t seem to catch a break and the other seems to be making their own.  “Kick Back” ends with our two new friends meeting for the first time and finish moving the couch down to the ocean while the hook repeats.  Very relaxing vibes presented in a relatable tone, worth checking it out if you’re into Jason Mraz or any Brushfire Records artists.

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