Lauren Conklin “The One Finger Song”

Definitely worth checking out for her skillful fiddle performance among her also skilled band is “The One Finger Song” by Lauren Conklin.  The intro section runs for about one minute with no shortage of shred from Lauren Conklin.  The percussion joins the arrangement to add an even more driving sense to “The One Finger Song” and the band starts going in rounds.  Worth a listen if you’re into listening to only the most skilled of musicians.  Fast, driving, and full of great melodic phrases that create a sense of urgency within the listener is “The One Finger Song” by Lauren Conklin.


“Once upon a time I cut my finger trying to assemble a food processor and couldn’t practice anything normal, so I made up a song where I didn’t need to use said finger. This is that song. ”

“The One Finger Song” features Forrest O’Connor on mandolin, Jake Stargell on acoustic guitar, Ben Johnson on cello, Erik Coveney on upright bass, and Brandon Hays on percussion.

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