MMBLR “That Breeze”

A relaxing and ambient psychedelic rock song that has the chillest of vibes.  The use of dynamics was the main selling point for me, especially right at the end in the last twenty seconds when the song crescendos and then abruptly stops short for the vocals and a heavy handed strumming guitar to carry out the remainder of “That Breeze”.  The whole production sounds a bit fuzzy and strange to my ears which is what also caught my ear.  The harmony is fairly consistent despite a few interesting turnaround minor chords that lift the harmony up.  For fans of lo-fi art rock stream below and find out more about this project.

More on MMBLR:

MMBLR is the experimental project of New York drummer Alex Beckmann. Deviating from years of performing and touring with Indie Rock band Snowmine and as a session musician, Alex wandered into a cloistered world of solitary creativity. He began to mumble – his voice accompanied with small drums, beat up guitars, old synths, bottles and cans. Electronically layered sounds became a cultivation of moody grooves as a meditative experience of sound.

MMBLR embodies ambient influences with rock, trip hop, folk and world music – creating an inviting and rather adventurous sense of familiarity in its music.

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