Fuzzysurf “Problems”

Fuzzysurf releases a beach boys surf punk song that features cute doo-wop vocals and rhythmically has influences ranging from a sound you might hear in a 70s surf film to The Police “Can’t Stand Losing You”.  The song is relaxing and driving at the same time.  The arrangement gets chaotic from time to time with layers of melody and harmony going on that allows for the listeners ears to latch onto different instrumental and vocal hooks simultaneously.  Check out the streaming link to Fuzzysurf “Problems” below!


“Problems” is the first single off the upcoming album, Fuzzy & The Surfs (album due for release on 5/11/2019), the second from Milwaukee’s surf pop/indie rock group, Fuzzysurf. The sound is a mix of melodic British Invasion, a splash of classic American surf, and a dash of punk attitude. Sonically, the song incorporates an infectious call and response melody with rising and falling harmonies outlined by crisp, to the point, instrumentation.

The song lyrically addresses the recent trend in society, and on social media in particular, to amplify various perceived “problems, issues, and causes”, sometimes to the point of ruining our relationships with other people in pursuit of dogmatic beliefs. The song is a reflection on the pitfalls of continuing this course. Although no solution or guidance is offered, the question is no doubt raised. “Why’re you looking for Problems?”


Why you asking bout Problems?

What’d you hear? What’d you read?

Some people say that what goes around comes back around like disease

So why you asking bout issues?

An opinion from me?

Some people keep going on and on bout things that don’t concern me

And I don’t got to say a lot to speak what’s on my mind

I just give up and let em drop some bullish facts on me

Why you bringing up causes?

It’s in plain site to see

The only cause is the one you feel that defines all your needs

I don’t got to think a lot to know what’s on my mind

I just tune out before they drop some bullish facts on me

And what’s a kinder way then to show to people you care about so many things that can cause you to despair

But I don’t need to curse about the things that bother me

I just keep calm and carry on while they chant the problem’s me

Why you looking for Problems?

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