HAYL “Wire”

Vocals pushed into the reverb and delay with a familiar sounding pop production and programmed drums.  The light timbre of HAYLs voice on “Wire” is both a tale of hard times and uplifting simultaneously.  What first caught me was the way the chords are contemplative during the verses while HAYL sings questioningly about her current relationships.  The pre-chorus picks up the rhythmic before the chorus hits and the chords become stronger and the vocals become more assured.  “Wire” to me is a blue collar version of major commercial acts that I find more easy to relate too then a Katy Perry or Lady Gaga.  The message is simple and poignant, don’t get stuck in a turbulent relationship cycle that doesn’t allow for personal growth.  Perhaps walking on wires will help you get out of your situation if you can keep your balance.

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“Tell it to me straight/the silence game is killing me” Last Sept I could feel my boyfriend pulling away. I didn’t want to play games or wait until he was ready to talk so I wrote WIRE b/c it was everything I wanted to say to him. I want to show my heart & bubbly personality through my music & I did BOTH in WIRE, which is why I love it. I love having deep convos with people & I want my music to be just that; love pain & so much more because we’re all human, well most of us.

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