All Faces “Welcome Home”

If you are unfamiliar with the label alexrainbirdRecords they have a very defined sound and All Faces “Welcome Home” is no exception.  It is an uplifting song with driving rhythms containing the four on the floor pounding a thick kick drum that is supported by large toms and elevated by simple triad chords in the harmony.  “Welcome Homes” bridge kicks in around the two minute mark and has an, out of left field, Vampire Weekend timbre that is fun and entertains warm elements of plucked strings playing only the one and three which might make you nostalgic for a classic Nintendo game or Disney movie.  For music enthusiasts that are looking to recognize why the track is so fun, the harmony bounces back and forth between Ab (I) and Db (IV) while occasionally featuring the vi and V chord.  A true four chord song that you’ll be singing to yourself all the way home, “Welcome Home” by All Faces.


‘Welcome Home’ is the new single from All Faces’. It’s their first release since their debut self-titled EP back in 2018 (which has had over 150,000 Spotify streams), and is about finding the place that you belong to. The duo wrote it back in January 2018 during a three-hour studio session. It was mostly inspired by summers spent exploring nature and a sense of wanderlust. The combination of the two singers’ vocals create an intimate climate and develop the song further into a dialogue.

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