Old News “Melatonin Gummy”

Old News releases “Melatonin Gummy” an epic driven track that features a chaotic performance from the instrumentals while a grounded and angst driven heartache lead vocals pushes “Melatonin Gummy” forwarded.  Bursting with Warped Tour energy and filled with the musicianship that only comes with this style of songwriting.  Jangly guitar noises that rise and fall melodically is a signature of the math rock lead guitarists.  The vocal performance is comparable to Say Anything.  I’d definitely recommend giving “Melatonin Gummy” by Old News a spin below as well as finding out more about the artist.


Old News is a Midwest US based experimental rock quartet. Hailing from the the oft-overlooked city of Wichita, Kansas, the eccentric group of jazz-kids-turned-indie-rockers have a knack for delivering tongue in cheek wit under the guise of Midwestern charm. Their quirky, pop-focused take on Math-rock is much like a conversation with them; deceptively simple, often witty, and never afraid to dip into the absurd.

Hell bent on delivering odd-time machinations disguised as pop songs, Old News slides between indie-rock sensibility, jazz harmony, and emo realism with a sense of furious focus. Comparisons to groups like Minus The Bear or Delta Sleep are inevitable. The band finds common ground with Tiny Moving Parts and Spoon alike. Though these influences echo throughout the music the band eschews the oft angular, jagged forms of its peers, favoring instead the infectious fun and shameless accessibility of pop.

Old News has been active in the Midwest indie and emo scenes for the last year and a half. In that time they’ve put out two EPs, toured and played extensively, and worked with TJ Lipple (Fugazi, American Football, Look Mexico) on their last release, ‘Castro’. The band’s next release, ‘Hands Like Glaciers’ will release February 2nd, 2019.

Old News is:

Beau Harris (guitar, vocals)

Max Abood (drums, vibes)

Blaine Martin (bass, keys)

Connor Eaves (guitar)

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