Among The Acres “Moon on Fire”

A guitar intro and strummed chords support soft vocals that speak of a liar who sets the moon on fire while the singer is numb to the flames.  “Moon on Fire” by Among The Acres is a cool song that also has some very cool album artwork.  The second verse is where the song picks up with a wash of a ride cymbal that settles back into a groove that is churning along at a relaxing pace. Two things that really stood out to me was the strong vocal performance during the chorus and the intense album artwork.  Any fan of folk that has an alternative rock edge will love “Moon on Fire” by Among The Acres.

“Among the Acres is a quartet based out of Hartford, CT that fuses an eclectic range of influences and styles into a sound marked by lush vocal harmonies, intricate guitar melodies, and an insatiable desire for groove”

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