The Schwa “Stuck in the Middle” gearing up for an EP in the summer!

Driving rock and roll dressed up in a southern class and swagger is “Stuck in the Middle” by The Schwa.  The instrumental arrangement is a familiar crunchy guitars and punchy compressed drums over an organ bed that holds out lengthy tones to give “Stuck in the Middle” a spiritual feel.

“Stuck in the Middle” is a scene in an action movie, it is the scene where the underdog protagonist is proving their meddle.  If you’re into energetic rock tracks with well choreographed passages between sections then this might be for you!  Check out “Stuck In The Middle” above as well as lyrics and a brief biography from The Schwa below.  Really fun name to say, try saying it out loud.


You look at me

Oh, I’ll be waiting on the other side gone

What does it mean?

Am I waiting on the other side wrong?

I look for peace

But I know I’m never gonna move on

To sweet release

But I’m still waiting on the other side

Right on the other side gone

Lately I’ve been gone

I’ve been stuck in the middle

Lately I’ve been gone

Lately I’ve been gone

I’ve been stuck in the middle

Lately I’ve been gone

Take it from me

Someone’s got it bad

Waiting on the other side

Lately for me

Someone’s got it right

Living alone

I’ve been shaking all my life

I’ve been wasting all my time


Formed sometime in 2018 the four Nashville lads wasted no time living the college dream at Middle Tennessee State University. Chilling at the quad, hanging by the local arcade, playing rounds of mini golf and saving money working at the legendary Sir Pizza. Still, they knew something was missing. But what? It was then when bassist Cooper Phillips came to a realization: “Hello my friend Eric Intile, singer/guitarist for The Schwa, sure we can walk the walk, but what good is being in a band if we can’t talk the talk.”

“You’re right, Cooper Philips,” Eric said, “We must be more. We must have good songs as well. Luckily I have been writing some killer material with Connor Stith, guitarist for the Schwa, and if we practiced and refined it we can be true rockstars.”

“Splendid!” said Cooper Phillips, bassist for The Schwa, “If we practiced our own material, we will become a real band!”

And the Schwa boys did just that. Practicing and refining their craft. Even playing gigs down at the local record store, creating a buzz around the Nashville scene. Everything was perfect.

“Wait!” Said Taylor Wood, drummer of The Schwa. “We must make a recording of some of our music, in which we have spent so much time working on.”

“How?” The three other Schwas asked.

“Easily, I study audio production at MTSU, so I can get us into the recording studios free of charge!” Exclaimed Taylor with glee!

The band went straight to work, employing the help of friend and fellow Nashville producer Cody Smiles, recording, mixing, and perfecting their catalogue of songs. Now, The Schwa is ready for your listening pleasure, with their first single “Stuck in the Middle” set to release on March 1, 2019. With an EP to follow by the end of summer.

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