All Things Blue “Doomed”

A recent release that sparked interest was “Doomed” from All Things Blue.  “Doomed” by All Things Blue was exciting because of the use of filters on all aspects of the performances.  The vocals from the song really captured my attention because of the driving percussive nature.  The song might be for fans of Tame Impala or other modern psychedelic rock and invoke a strong sense of wonder.

Recently All Things Blue has been working hard on finding their own unique style in an oversaturated market that is Los Angeles.  Check out an embedded stream of “Doomed” by All Things Blue below and learn more about the band!


“Music is hard. Making music can come easily. However, having a full time job, managing your own project and tours, getting placement in a city full of replacements, finding time to get in the studio, financing all of this AND attempting to throw a social life in there all while working to stay tapped into ones creativity and productivity is what’s hard. The days when your efforts feel lost and pointless on every spectrum. Creating songs from the moments of life where you’re not so sure you can keep up the juggling act, when you aren’t so sure the effort will be worth it and then- lighting that feeling up and dancing around the fire. This is Doomed to Lose.”

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