Eve Minor “Heroin”

Fish eye lens opens “Heroin” by Eve Minor a new music video that has a skateboarder style from the self described “Iggy Pop with tits”.  The thick bass tone and drum have a sonic quality that reminds me of Sublime as Eve Minors vocal fry “yeah” begins the track.  “Heroin” reminds me of going to the local skatepark and the angst I felt listening to bands off Roadrunner Records growing up.  “Heroin” isn’t for everyone but definitely features an edge that will get anyone who grew up on punk rock stoked.  Lyrically the song is defiant and angsty swag.  Fashion wise Eve Minor is something else and really stands out in a crowd.  The skateboarding dog is a comic relief out of left field that keeps the video lighthearted for a serious topic.

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