Among the Acres “Lost in NOLA”

Combing from Hartford, CT “Lost in Nola” by Among The Acres is a moody track that features soothing vocals and modal interchange that invokes a sense of unease and wonderment within a listener.  The track really works into itself with over a minute and a half of a build and a vocal melody that often extends over a whole note in length.  It creates a sense of urgency that is surreal like a slow motion scene of a movie.  “Lost in Nola” is both about the destruction of hurricane Katrina and rebirth of New Orleans but also a band breaking up and the hopeful optimism that came from reforming.

One thing that really stood out for me was when the guitar decides to play intricate and quick lines it really adds to the energy of the song that is mostly given by the drummers consistent backbeat and occasional syncopation and addition to the subdivision on the hi-hats.  If anything “Lost in Nola” could be described as both driving and moody.  Check out a Spotify stream above!

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