Sweet Fever “Ride the Wave”

The first thing that caught my attention about “Ride the Wave” is the choreographed melodic passages by the band.  The second thing that really caught me was the way the vocalist really goes all out in the rock and roll style.  Fast forward to the virtuoso guitar solo at the 2:00 mark and you’ve got yourself a killer rock song.  Going straight from classic rock to a bit left of center is the layers of vocals that could be compared to barbershop quartets, to hear an a capella version of “Ride the Wave” would be an excellent time.

Hailing from Nashville this classic rock sounding outfit is the kind of bands you always to be playing at your local watering hole.  I could compare them to acts like Red Sky Mary from the northeast, if Sweet Fever keeps doing what they’re doing I can see a lot of people getting onboard.  Also they look like rockstars.  Check out an embed to “Ride The Wave” above and learn more about them and who they are below!

MORE ON “Ride the Wave” AND Sweet Fever

“Ride the Wave” is the lead single off of Sweet Fever’s highly anticipated debut EP, “Heat Wave.”

Recorded July 2018 at the Bomb Shelter Studios in Nashville, TN.

Sweet Fever is an American Rock ‘n Roll band whose explosive sound honors the traditions of the legends that came before them. The Nashville-based quartet – singer/guitarist Derrick Wesley, bassist Jake Kimble, guitar/keyboardist Nolan Brown, and drummer Nick Amend – is blending stadium-sized riffs, soulful harmonies, and an attitude of boundless joy to entertain and inspire audiences of all ages.

The boys began collaborating in early 2018 to create a collective style drawing from influences of Cage the Elephant, Kings of Leon, The Sheepdogs, The Raconteurs, Bob Seger, The Beatles, The Eagles, Aerosmith, and beyond.

Sweet Fever has gained traction in the local Nashville scene, and are building markets around the Southeast and Midwest U.S.

Rock ‘n Roll is alive and well, and Sweet Fever is here to prove it. Check the band’s website calendar for show announcements and “Catch the Fever” for yourself!



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