Ralph Brandon “Always a String Attached”

The first thing that grabbed me is the insanely impressive violin strings and the raspy vocal take that could make or break this for any listener but reminds me of Tim Armstrong.  Lyrically the song is also punk rock in the way it contains contemporary cynicism that is considered the most modern form of english literature today.  The production is very raw and could be confused for a live performance.  Having been compared to artists such as The Pogues and the Water Boys by other press such as Playlist Boutique, Ralph Brandon makes quite the impression with “Always a String Attached”.  Looking forward to what’s coming form Ralph Brandon in 2019.  Check out a link to listen to “Always a String Attached” and a biography below!



Originally from California, Ralph considers Austin, Texas home. He has lived all over the country but always missed the quality of life in Austin. “Music and creativity are the life blood and it allows artists to age gracefully and continue to grow and develop. I grew up playing in rock bands but in the late 1990’s while having to play 3 hour gigs in Irish pubs, we had learn some traditional songs to fill out the night. I came to love Celtic music and it can be heard in my songs today.”

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