Brooklyn based shockmop premieres “Condoleza”

DIY produced and shot in Ridgewood N.Y. this Brooklyn based outfit shockmop debuts their newest release “Condoleeza” today.  This well coreographed and ambitious one shot live music video project is everything you could hope for from a new band.  Influences for this artistic music video could be acts such as Ok Go or Death Cab For Cutie while sonically the band combines the rhythmically straight eighth note approach of Weezer with a more tender vocal performance.  The band collaborated with director and producer Armaan Virani to climb around the drummers apartment complex while scaling ladders, fire escapes, and eventually ending up on the rooftop in the sunset of New York City.

The singer has an angelic voice that drifts with ease between his head and chest voice and ends with the melodic hook up and octave for the final chorus in the New York City evening. Catch the band playing around Brooklyn with contemporary acts such as Glom and other alternative rock singer songwriters.  “Condoleeza” really captures city living for aspiring rock artists and the limitations that come with having to produce something that will grab your attention on a lower budget, personally I think they did a great job and am looking forward to what is to come from shockmop.

shockmop is a three-piece indie rock band based in Brooklyn, NY.  Regularly rehearsing and recording inside the Sweatshop since 2018, shockmop has been defining their own style with an air of creativity not often seen among their peers.

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