Friends of Friends “Laugh About It Later”

An electric bass plucks eighth notes in a melodic fashion drawing circles of sound before being joined by an electric guitar and crescendoing into a quarter note rest.  The whole rock outfit joins thrashing in with an open hi-hat in a jangly kind of indie way.  The beat turns into a ride cymbal halftime and sits on a block chord bed of electric organ. Sean Hopkins fleshes out the arrangement on lead vocals in a melancholic timbre as the lyrics tell a tale of a hard journey.  As the piece rises and falls in tempo and dynamic, three part harmonies are layered in with an occasional quarter note rest for the band while the vocals carry on to tell the audience how they’re going to laugh about it later. If you are into familiar and fresh indie music that invokes imagery of friendship and adventure this is for you.  A personal favorite is the arpeggiation in the synth part over the breakdown which makes me nostalgic for old school Sega games.  This is the seventh release from Friends of Friends, stream it below and find the rest of their catalogue.

Friends of Friends is an indie band from Washington, DC. They record all of their music completely DIY in a row house in Northwest Washington.

** the image used for this article was taken from a previous from March 2018 **
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