Glom “My Red Spine”, this band just keeps getting better!

Jangly chorus pedal guitar licks fuel the intro to “My Red Spine” by Brooklyn based indie band Glom.  The call and response between the vocalist and guitar starts the verse while the band keeps time before building into a chorus that builds momentum while maintaining the lofty atmospheric yet driving rock that is Glom.  Vocalist Peter Warrens performance might be compared to emo heartthrob William Beckett from the Academy Is…

The bridge is dark in a grunge Nirvana way before the electric guitar adds a funk rhythmic quality that leads the band out of the darkest and lowest dynamic point of the song.  This is something any indie kid to bounce around their too.  This sound kind of reminds of that classic iconoclastic protagonist written into any number of pop culture shows or movies.  I’m really stoked on the fact that I’ll get to listen to more than 4 tracks with an LP on the way.


On May 20, 2019 Glom will release, “My Red Spine”, the next single from their debut LP dropping in the Summer. The song is a bold and energizing anthem driven by powerful guitar riffs and Peter Warren’s edgy vocal delivery.

“‘My Red Spine’ is an homage to the late 70s guitar-rock that inspired me when I was a kid,” says Peter. The wonky riff is reminiscent of Blue Oyster Cult, T. Rex, and Steely Dan while the vocal melodies are a direct interpretation of early 70s proto-punk from the likes of the Stooges and Velvet Underground.

While “My Red Spine” is influenced by an earlier era than most other Glom songs, it is still delivered with the band’s textbook lushness, making it an in-your-face addition to their sound in the context of the rest of their debut album.

Glom is a Brooklyn based indie/alternative rock band. Prior to moving to Brooklyn, Glom formed in the DC area as founders Sean Christian and Peter Warren, along with Jonathan Harwood and Sahil Ansari grew up playing music together. They draw upon 90s alternative rock influences to deliver a familiar sound in a new way. Glom’s upbeat fuzzy pop foursome is completed by fifth member “Johan” Crandall’s shiny synthesizer and tambourine.

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