Aaron Taos “Bloom”

“Bloom” for me combines Tame Impala, Weezer and Daft Punk influences.  Weezer being the vocal timbre.  Tame Impala being a lot of the arrangement and production choices.  Daft Punk being the auto-tuned vocal call and response hook.  Aaron Taos is an amazing artist who just keeps getting better.  I feel confident saying this because I listen to ridiculous amounts of music. I do submissions for Its Not Records, assisting with submissions for Hot Lunch Music, and also having a gig with a sync licensing library that requires me to listen to hours upon hours of amazing up and comers. I can say confidently that I believe Aaron Taos is one of the best songwriters I’ve had the good fortune to come across.  Anyways, enough gushing and self aggrandizing .  Check it out below as well as links to other reviews I’ve done of Aaron Taos.

Did you check it out?  Okay, dope.  Lets break it down.

The intro has nature sounds joined by a guitar run through a chorus filter which makes me think we are about to listen to some chill-hop. A pad synth with a bunch of delay on it subtly joins to crescendo into… oh shit it thinned out with some phat bass and punchy drums that provide a cushion for Aaron Taos to start singing over.  The lyrics are romantic and the visuals are contemporary artistically, in the video it looks like a glass of milk but damn would this be a good song to have in the background of a singles bar in Echo Park or Silver Lake.  “I want to be the drink you’re sipping on,” that’s Fall Out Boy clever.  Takes no time to get to the struggle in the lyrics either, the girl he’s crushing on is a buds sister… And then an awesome chorus that is distracted from the verses struggles and is speaking romantically of flowers and laying together.  Second verse has a cool line about “planting seeds within my heart”.  Second chorus has a nice call and response section added.  The bridge takes away the beat and then slowly fades in a filtered drum part which is a chance for the listeners ears to breath.  Chorus riff takes you out.  Looking forward to more!  Neat jump.

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