Thalo “Without”, pleasantly dark and brooding

“Without” is a production akin to the Beatles later work with a darker mood and a bit more angst. One of the things that hit me about the song is the use of dorian in the harmony, you might recognize the way the one chord goes from i to IV other artists like the classic Pink Floyds “Breathe”.  Some surf rock influence going on in the guitar part which strums big chords with plenty of tremolo making it seem spacey.  This song has a searching attitude to it. The drum arrangement has a controlled chaos to it with the way the dynamics go from mezzo forte to forte with the hi-hat cymbal wide open and the compressors keeping it at a listenable level. Lyrically the song is someone opening up to a companion about how much they aren’t actually in love with them and how hard it is to be their friend.  “Without” by Thalo is for when you’re feeling pleasantly dark in my opinion, check it out and find out more about the artist below.


Thalo. It’s like the color, but without the ‘ph’ nonsense.

Thalo is the musical alias for Jack Harbo, a Brooklyn-based musician and un-ironic one-man (and sometimes one man and one woman) band. Jack and his sister, Paige, had spent their lives surrounded by music. They grew up completely immersed in it, a consequence of their father’s status as a musician in D.C.. Jack and Paige both learned to sing at a young age, and even after the death of their father, they had not expected to actually make use of it. Then, in 2016, Jack picked up a guitar. A year later, he started recording his mindless strummings, and by the time he’d started making something coherent, he had also remembered that his sister could sing, too- when he could pull her away from the page, her first passion being writing.

The two started singing, playing, writing, and producing music. After a dicey rebrand, Thalo (of the same name as one of Paige’s main characters in her book ‘Flies’) was born. Guitar, MacBook, and stylophone in hand, Thalo aims for genre transcendence, for music that anybody can enjoy.

From the cobbled streets of Montréal, the sun-scorched deserts of Mexico, the discomfort of a long bus ride with garage band, the considerable comfort of a Disney hotel room, and the precarious-but-romantic fire escape perches of Brooklyn, something new this way comes.

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