daMOOD “Cupid Bang Bang”

Check out daMOOD “Cupid Bang Bang”, a scritch scratch distorted guitar is joined by pulsing drums and a full band arrangement.  Instantly the harmony and melody invokes a sense of urgency. Reminiscent of 90s groups such as Zebrahead or Sugar Ray but not the chill hits like the first couple tracks on Floored. Enthusiastic hip-hop lyrics really turn this thing into a party. This is the kind of club I want to be hanging out in on Friday night. The hook “cupid couldn’t hit me with the bang bang” is a modern take on classic imagery of cupids bow transformed into a piece. Pretty dope song if you’re into hip-hop rock combinations.


daMOOD is a talented group of musicians with backgrounds in hip-hop, electronic, rock & bluegrass. They formed as a backup band for Maryland rapper Retro/Ricole and created a unique style of music. After only three months of rehearsals the group broke barriers by becoming one of the first hip hop bands to perform at the largest, most well respected venue in Frederick; The Weinberg Center. Since then; they have had growing success with packed performances at the Alive @ 5 event, the Tenacious V release party at Flying Dig brewery, and opening for hip hop legends The Pharcyde.

Their eclectic combination of sound creates a music hybrid of spacious experimentation that will surely make them a hometown legacy.

With the release of their new album “Yellow Sound Era”, daMOOD unleashes a song for the times with the first single ‘Cupid. Bang Bang’. The song is a powerful rock dance tune that is sure to make everyone get up and dance. With its reggaeton drums, infectious guitar riffs, and lush textures it is poised to become a music anthem. This rap/dancehall/funk rock banger is a song set for the summer and the summer festival circuit.

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