Gina Brooklyn “Amo Solo Te”

A soft reverberated guitar accompanies an airy and tender vocal performance by Gina Brooklyn in her latest composition “Amo Solo Te”. The lyrics are performed in Italian except for the lines “I love only you forever and a day”. This tender song fills me with some sadness as intimacy is audible through a minimalistic arrangement of just the guitar and voice. The album artwork is so gorgeous I am yearning to be in Italy while settling for Astoria.

If you’re in a very soft and sweet mood try “Amo Solo Te” by Gina Brooklyn. If you’re feeling very romantic in a melancholic way “Amo Solo Te” is for you.


amo solo te
con te la vita è dolce
Sei tutto per me
ora e per sempre

amerò solo te
sempre e per sempre
Tu sei L’unico per me,
Tu sei l’unico per me
Amo solo te

amo solo te
i love only you
forever and a day
amo solo te



I love only you
with you, life is sweet
you are everything to me
now and forever

I’ll love only you
Forever and always
You’re the only one for me,
You’re the only one for me
I love only you

I love only you
I love only you
Forever and a day
I love only you


In January 2018, Gina Brooklyn sent a few song sketches from her follow-up EP to a handful of select industry professionals. Within a month, she was inked to a two-year publishing and global distribution deal with InGrooves Music Group and is now signed to Universal Music Group as INgrooves was acquired on 2/12/19. Gina wrote four songs on the EP while top-lining a fifth hip-hop-influenced tune song with UMG producer Idris Aquil “In My Mind” and a sixth song “Take Your Time” with Los Angeles-based producer Jimmy “Jimnaze” Jimenez.

On June 1st, Gina released a new single and video “Normal”. Her unique vocal style is anything but normal on this track, as she infuses her jazz vocal influences into a sweet rustic composition laid down by principal members of Kelly Clarkson’s band: Lester Estelle (Drums), Kyle Whalum(Bass), and Luke Sullivant (Guitar). Her second and most popular single and video to date, “Warning” was released worldwide on July 13th to all major music retail outlets. Accompanied by a full string ensemble, Gina’s vocal performance here is powerful and brings her audience along on an emotional, heartfelt journey through a painful breakup.

Throughout her creative career, Gina Brooklyn has also performed at a multitude of prominent metropolitan venues across the United States such as The Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, The Rockwood City Music Hall in New York, The Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles, and even The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in


Both dedicated to her songwriting craft and equally as driven as a performer, Gina Brooklyn is on a mission to inspire as many people as possible through the universal language of music. Her musical style showcases a harmonious fusion of R&B, Jazz and Pop, complete with soul-gripping melodies, engaging lyrics, and distinctive vocals that creates a captivating ambiance that is well ahead of its time.


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