Arthur Moon – “Reverse Conversion Therapy” like peyote?

Ethereal and atmospheric Arthur Moon recently released a video “Reverse Conversion Therapy”. The video takes place in the Mojave Desert and dynamically and instrumentally also travels and extensive distance. Artistically the song is very trippy just like I’d imagine taking peyote in the Mojave Desert would feel like. Rhythmically the chorus, though it is hard to describe what is happening as a chorus in the classic sense, is also very psychedelic and pulls the ears listeners in a direction that seems to go against the rhythmic qualities already established. A wonderful use of lyrics and music to really tell a story this release will probably not be for everyone but will only be for people who are truly in tune with art on a level that goes past entertainment to a point where it actually elevates one own existence.


The video was filmed in the Mojave Desert, with everyone hiking to the top of steep sand dunes to catch the sunrise. It was directed by Zach Stone andGerard Marcus (director of Thrdcoast), who contrasted the vast wilderness of the Mojave with a flatter, recreated facade built in NYC. As they describe, “These two worlds represent a widening of thought from a constrained artificial representation of life to a life full of freedom and boundless space, shining a light on questions of identity and personal development.” Visual effects shots were done by Phillip Akka, known for his work on Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s “Apeshit” and Thom Yorke’s “Why Can’t We Get Along”. The video features sets by artist Hannah Perry, an illustrator for the New York Times, Vice, Wired and more, who also created the band’s singles art.

Lora-Faye illustrates the track: “I wanted the verses of this song to evoke the feeling of being at the very top of the big free-fall on a rollercoaster, where you know your stomach is going to fall out from underneath you, but it hasn’t happened yet. That feeling of being right on the precipice of a drastic shift. And then for the choruses to surprise you anyway: As though you went to the amusement park, and waited on line, and strapped in to this rollercoaster, and felt yourself rise slowly up and up, but now once the ride really starts, the rhythm of the drops and spins surprises you–you can never quite anticipate when you’ll next be upside-down, twisted, looking down at the pavement and the people below as if for the first time.”

Tour Dates w/ Oh Land
9/24: Brooklyn, NY @ The Bell House
9/25: Philadelphia, PA @ World Cafe
9/26: Washington, DC @ The Miracle Theater
9/27: Chicago, IL @ SPACE
10/20: Seattle, WA @ Columbia City Theater
10/21: Portland, OR @ The Church Concert Hall
10/23: San Francisco, CA @ The Independent
10/24: Los Angeles, CA @ Bootleg Theater

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