Gold Spectacles “Ask Twice”

What drew me to “Ask Twice” was the interesting harmonic textures and combination of organic and electronic instruments. The hook is simple and catchy enough to stick with you after “Ask Twice” has since ended. Starting off with a plucked instrument the vocals and pad synth come in what seems like a slightly off beat way but it corrects itself which I found enchanting and to keep me in my toes. The instrumental arrangement layers in as the dynamics increase and with a synth white noise swell the first chorus arrives using a minimalistic approach. If you’re looking for a little more musicianship in your indie pop check out Gold Spectacles “Ask Twice”


As the Buck Moon passes, Gold Spectacles release the ninth track in their full moon series. In the narrative, “Ask Twice” follows a narcissist who’s unable to admit his own mistakes, spiralling further and further into bad decisions. A prominent bassline plays against an array of arpeggiated spanish guitars, playful flutes and analog synthesizers, and reflects all the hallmarks of Gold Spectacles’ baroque-pop sound.

“We wanted to depict characters who are so caught up in their self-preservation that they aren’t able to see that they are hurting everyone around them (and in turn, themselves). There is blood on their hands, but they will sooner point the finger than come clean. Although lyrically the protagonist comes across as cold, the whimsical flute arrangement reminds us: he is still human.”

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