Mouth Of Ghosts “Somebody Like You”

“Somebody Like You” by Mouth of Ghosts is a haunting and enchanting new tune. Soft and airy vocals accompanied with a minor harmony and in your face heavy drums and bass make for a haunting experience. With a band name like Mouth of Ghosts the sound is so perfect and well branded. Occasionally using the dominant five chord in the harmony to create a more ethereal an foreign feel. The vocalist really rips in this, all the high notes and right around the 3:00 mark there is a scream that sent shivers down my spine. Check it out as well as accompanying press notes for Mouth Of Ghosts “Somebody Like You”.


The culmination of several years of dedicatedly probing numerous stylistic avenues, Mouth of Ghosts’ self-titled 2019 debut LP reflects a complex musical journey which offers listeners the opportunity to explore a diverse collection of textures and tones within a single cohesive experience. Where the inaugural EP “When The Sun Sets” exhibits heavy influence of trip-hop/alternative blended acts such as Portishead, “Mouth of Ghosts” reveals the continued layering of new inspirations, surveying heavier rock elements balanced with electronic textures, and a desire to plumb the shadowy depths of moodier tones while retaining strong pop sensibilities.

It is immediately clear from the lead track “The Price” that this is a record that is hard-hitting and cuts right to the heart; truly anthemic and featuring a soaring chorus rich with emotional resonance, it’s the quintessential front and center single, a clear mission statement that sets the tone for everything to come. Following in its considerable wake listeners will discover moments of brooding atmospherics (“Lost”, “Somebody Like You”), sultry playfulness (“Downfall,” “Sudden Lights”), and muscular volume (“See My Face”), all coalescing harmoniously on a dynamically varied canvas. The compositions are accented by orchestral elements and electronic arrangements that deepen their impact, making Mouth of Ghosts an abundant and well-rounded listening experience for those who enjoy artists ranging anywhere from Portishead to Deftones to Chelsea Wolfe to Arcade Fire.

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