Tuarrah “Rhinebeck”

Combining elements of trip-hop nostalgic for groups like Massive Attack and contemporary pop production is “Rhinebeck” by Tuarrah, out today! This is something that you can coast into the weekend in a whimsical way too. If you’re looking for something soothing and in the spirit of summer becoming fall “Rhinebeck“.

The lyrical narrative is quite sad and the emotion is in a slow motion atmospheric way that really pulls at your heart strings. Written during a fly on the wall moment watching a couple arguing the lyrics are dripping with drama. A listener won’t be able to help but be lost in the sadness and vulnerability.

“I try to read your lips while you talk, in the car across the parking lot, are you staying or are you leaving?, will you be forgiven?”

Stream “Rhinebeck” off ‘Lying on Our Backs’ out February 2020.

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Tuarrah emerged from a friendship that began ten years ago on Marlborough Street in Boston. Charlie Van Kirk and Christopher Marion began collaborating shortly after they met, bonding over a mutual admiration for the music of D’Angelo, Radiohead and Björk as well as the paintings of James Whistler and John Singer Sargent. With lead vocals by an enigmatic friend who wishes to remain anonymous, Tuarrah became three. At times expansive and at others intimate, their music speaks to the great landscapes of America and to some little moments of humanity that can be found within.

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