Hannah Connolly “House/Home”

Organic and lovely, “House/Home” by Hannah Connolly is sweet and nostalgic. Sentimental lyrics accompanied by a brightly strummed harmony lead us through a narrative of heartache. Things that really drew me in were the pedal steel and piano hooks. “House/Home” is a lovely lullaby that is soothing me into winter and the leafs changing color. If you’re into quiet mornings with foggy windows and a cup of coffee “House/Home” will make you feel safe and comfortable.

From Hannah

“This song is about the feeling of losing home, and how home can be anywhere with the people you love, but it can also feel like nowhere will ever be home again when they are gone,” says Connolly on the track. Hannah’s fragile vocals shine atop this acoustic track as she sings, “This house ain’t home without you, so there’s no reason left to stay.” Hannah’s way with words is simply poetic and her unadulterated, intimate vocals can bring tears to your eyes.

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