Colin Miller’s lofi slow burn “Prodigy”

Colin Miller’s debut single “Prodigy” is a lofi slow burn of layered guitars and melancholic vocal performances. Hailing from Asheville, North Carolina, Miller’s influences are akin to earlier (Sandy) Alex G and Elliot Smith. Miller’s song has a lackadaisical vibe that is perfect for a long drive alone after a bad day. As the droning guitars and drum loop continue to grow in intensity, the brooding energy never resolves by the end. This leaves a sense of longing and forlorn loneliness to accompany a rainy day. If you are a fan of the Philly or New York lofi rock scene, you will feel right at home with “Prodigy.”

Take a listen to “Prodigy” on Spotify and Bandcamp when you’re feeling blue and want to lament a little longer.

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