Morningbird “Do It Again”

A Boston pop rock collective Morningbird brings mellow summery vibes in winter  with “Do It Again”. Layered with textures from killer duel guitar leads, background vocals to percussion that keeps the listener in place. The bridge gives options and introduces gang vocals that are reminiscent of pop-punk acts. This is a great uplifting track despite the lyrics consisting of content that helps to relieve the ways in which people cope.


“”Do It Again” chronicles the subject’s unravelling mind through to conclusion. In following this story, Morningbird aim to point a spotlight at how difficult it can be to admit to ourselves when we are wrong, and hope to highlight how we can empower ourselves by doing so.”


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Morningbird is a five-piece alternative rock band hailing from various parts of the world that came together in Boston, MA.

Its two founding members, Max Challis (keys) and John Cattini (lead guitar), met each other during a summer music program, finding common ground in their mutual love for British rock music from the 60’s and 70’s. The duo began writing together as college freshmen in 2013 as a creative outlet, and were simultaneously introduced to those who would later become the core of Morningbird – Isak Kotecki (rhythm guitar) was even their next-door neighbor, and Connor Frawley (bass) was just down the hall. Their friendship grew over the years, working together on various school projects, recordings, and videos.

John and Max formally founded Morningbird in the summer of 2014 with a group of bedroom recording sessions that became their debut self-titled EP, (released October 2015) but Morningbird had remained a studio project. After another year of writing, recording, producing, and mixing, they released “Only Believe In Love”, their first full-length album, still having never played a live set together.

With the album in hand, Morningbird gained excitement from music industry professionals who were hoping to see the live show – something that hadn’t yet been created. In need of more members Max and John turned to their closest creative allies and friends – Isak Kotecki and Connor Frawley – and the five-piece band was formed in Fall 2016. Despite everyone’s varying geographical backgrounds (including Canada, the UK, and various US locations), the band connected with one another from the beginning and began performing. The band subsequently met Jacob Thompson (drums) through a mutual friend in the Summer of 2018, and were playing alongside him by January of the following year.

Morningbird are set to release their newest single, “Do It Again”, on December 13th, 2019, with more to follow in 2020. They continue to play shows in the Northeast, honing their live act and growing their fanbase.

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