Aaron Taos “Saborteur”

It sounds like the alarm to waking up and it is as it blends in to focus. “Saboteur” follows Aaron Taos around his day to day in Los Angeles. The lyrics talk about following trends and feeling on the outside and they’re great. The lyrics are focused and come off in the right way. I can relate to this song and I think you’ll be able to. Another gem from Aaron Taos.

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a quote from Aaron

“The video was directed by my friend and roommate Taylor Florio who also has done my videos for “Bloom” and most recently “Closure”. Given the 90s rock vibe of the track, we knew we wanted to do something with a camcorder. Besides that, our previous videos and been pretty planned out so we just wanted to have fun with this one. We based a lot of shots directly around the lyrics – but besides that, it’s just us having fun and fucking around. The guy who is subletting my room while I’m on tour had a pretty dope old school van so we were able to grab some pretty hilarious takes of me soloing on the top driving through Angelino Heights… thats probably my favorite shot haha”

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