Valley Girl “Grey Car”

Inspired by the Netflix short lived Sherman Oaks based TV show Love, “Grey Car” by Valley Girl”, perfectly summarizes the coming of age story. Dreamy 80s vibes and a soft breathy vocal performance brings a sexy vibe to what it looks like is a lemon of a car. “Grey Car” reminds me of getting stoned and driving around Los Angeles with the warm summer haze of the valley in the early evening. Very cool new track from Valley Girl called “Grey Car”. Stream it below!


Swells of comforting synth tones make way for dreamy guitar lines, thick bass tones, and melodic vocals in this emerging indie band. With influences rooted in the past and present, their ambition lies towards making the connection between music and the individual. Tales of heartbreak, fantasies, and cathartic drives populate the depths of their sound.

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