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“Whatever You Do” check this song out

This song is so chill, the multiple layers of guitars and reverb’d out vocals makes everything seem like it’ll be alright.  The singer sings about feeling cut off from the world.  The songs key has 3 sharps which is one of the most emotional and dreamy keys when done right and they’ve definitely hit it with perfect crisp guitar tones and just right amounts of reverb on the backing vocals.

This band has a catalog of songs that are worth your time.  This song is a Sunday morning cup of coffee staring out a foggy window over a snowy field.  Keep tugging on my heart strings Real Ponchos.

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Jon Reynolds & The Aches “Undertow” is the song you missed this summer

I woke up this Sunday morning like most millennial recent college graduates do, adjusting to an office pace while also trying to keep on chasing their dreams.  New Nashville act Jon Reynolds & The Aches helped me get up and out of bed today.  This song is absolute fire, catchy hooks, great timbre, positive message, and uplifting harmonies.  This act clearly knows what they’re doing.

Hopefully someone over at Netflix reads this review or hears this song some other way because I think it would fit in BoJack Horseman just from being a fan of the show.  Be sure to add this first song from Jon Reynolds and The Aches to your playlists because I can already tell more great music is coming from them!

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Sure Sure “Lie Lie Lie” on tour this fall!

This song is awesome and should definitely be sync’d in something on Netflix.  The composition is fun and pop sensible.  I’m tapping my foot at my cubicle while listening to this jam.  This band is for fans of indie pop music and bands like Foster The People, Big Data or Passion Pit.  Syncopated bass and repetitive chorus with vivid imagery would create a perfect backdrop for a scene where someone is trying to either cover up their lie or just getting discovered.

Based out of Los Angeles this band is going on fall tour so be sure to hit up their social media links and catch them on one of their dates!  Social links below!

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Stains of a Sunflower “Two Moons” gives chills

Stains of a Sunflower “Two Moons” is one of the most epic rock tracks from the summer of 2018.  Stains of a Sunflower is Natalie Renee a San Francisco -> Boston transplant where she met the rest of her band who were also transplants.  The band has played together a while and I was lucky enough to see them at an early release show in Cambridge where they performed in the window of the famed Middle East nightclub.  Before releasing “Two Moons” the band released a self titled EP which took me forever to finish listening to despite it being only four songs long I found myself continuously hitting repeat on “Starlight” before I was able to move on.

I can only hope they’ll find their way to Los Angeles, NYC, or Nashville.  They’d be a perfect fit in both Sunset Strip rock clubs such as the Whiskey all the way a couple miles to the walk of fame where they would be sure to entertain at other esteemed events such as It’s A School Night or an evening at The Hotel Cafe.  Go listen to this act because you might have found your new favorite band.

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Gv Grace “F**k Golf” OUT TODAY! turn this one up tonight!


If you’re looking for a good song to turn up to on a Friday night like tonight this is it!

Edgy laptop punk music seems to be coming in strong.  “F**k Golf” is a fun an exciting music video and song that would make me turn up in any hot Hollywood club.  As edgy as it is mainstream with the color schemes and instrumentation and timbre of the recording.  Comparable to artists in Hollywood that I’m currently fans of such as Nvdes who’ve been getting all those sync spots. It also doesn’t hurt that the lead singer is extremely attractive and sensual in this video as well as artistic and creative.  I hope to be hearing more from this artist soon!

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Sleeping in to “Projection Replicator” by Bedroom Ceilings

I took a listen to “Projection Replicator” by Bedroom Ceilings out of Grand Rapids, MI.  The first song is a washed out piece of art that accurately depicts waking up on a Sunday which flows perfectly into the second track which catches me like a walk in an overheated city park in Los Angeles where you are by yourself and you woke up so late the sun is already starting to go down.

The second half of the EP veers artistically into an acoustic guitar singer-songwriter instrumentation.  A personal favorite off the EP is “Land of Sun” which starts with atmospheric synthesizers and transitions into a chords progression full of tensions such as flat 7s and sharp 4s giving Bedroom Ceilings release a mature and dark sound.

My only request is for Dean Chittenden to post lyrics on the bandcamp page.

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Labor Day SPECIAL, DIY artist release concepts

Today I wanted to make a post that I think a lot of my fellow independent musicians including myself struggle with.  If you have any feedback please leave a comment below.

Dos and donts / A gambling addiction versus a calculated risk

It’s going to cost some money to get a business up and off the ground which is what your career is.  Circa from Indepreneur put it best in his creative juice podcast when he compared started a music career and start a pizza parlor.  Most pizza parlor entrepreneurs seem to have a more concrete understanding that to open their brick + mortar they’re going to need a chunk of money to; obtain the establishment, front kitchen supply costs, getting the word out about their new business probably hanging some fliers on doorknobs w.e.

There was also the recent story of Craig Hitchborn creating bands like the Hunna by purely social media advertising, but to accomplish this he had to max out three credit cards with a pretty large gamble.

There are ways to gamble away your money with possible major returns on investment such as companies that cost money to be submitted to and facilitate you to third party influencers with the possibility that getting your music on one of these; blogs, playlists, etc. will get your music in front of more consumers.

There are also DIY ways such as running Facebook ad campaigns, doing live streams, and other social media that will lead you to understanding your data and pinpointing your fans by geographic, demographic, and interest region.

Though I haven’t experienced other industries the music industry seems a particularly peculiar mix of; luck, trial and error, and necessary ability to keep up with trends both in songwriting and consumer technology.  A basic understanding of marketing such as KPIs and the importance of a content calendar.

Here’s an idea I will try running soon;

Content quantity; 1 to 2 singles a month

Promotional tools; Crosshair campaigns, Facebook video view campaigns, SubmitHub campaigns, Captivate/Cleaner for Instagram, SongTradr submissions, song libraries that hopefully pitch your music.


Anyways, subscribe on wordpress and leave comments with your opinions.

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Overseas Love Crisis – debut full length

Overseas Love Crisis (or OLC for short) is a 4-piece band based out of Fort Wayne, IN. Their mostly pop-punk repertoire is balanced by a wide variety of influences including hip-hop, alt rock, funk, and ska. OLC brings high energy performances every time and has opened for noteable acts such as CKY, The Dead Daisies, and Spence.

Their debut full length Wanna Be released July 2018 hits the 10 track benchmark and the opening number “Still Okay” has a quick melodic line reminiscent of “Lean On Sheena” by the Bouncing Souls or “Party Song” by Blink-182.  “Still Okay” is a party song which flows into another song that I’m sure a number of young adults who are adjusting to the ‘real world’ can relate to called “Drunk On A Monday”.  “My Eyes” is the third track from the record and reminds me of 90’s pop rock mixed with more modern influence for the vocals drawing from acts like Twenty One Pilots.  “My Eyes” is a pump up song that draws from a number of my favorite influences and probably is pretty epic live.  “Rescue Me” is a straightforward headbanger, this song would be a well placed sync for an extreme sports video.  “Tonight” is a headbanger but coming from a more heartbroken emotional place, the singer reminds me somewhat of tri-state emo band Autopilot Off.  “Push My Luck” has a slap back effect on the voice that distracts me from the lyrical content of the song.  Either way “Push My Luck” has a phenomenal organ outro that leads back into a heartfelt chorus where the vocalist Chase Keen reminisces on his own luck in an alt rock introspective way that will keep the listener engaged through the entirety of the song.  “Always Falling Down” would also be well placed in an extreme sports video, reminiscent of bands like Seconds To Stand from Boston area.  The title track “Wanna Be” I thought would be a disrespect to posers but it turns out it is a heartfelt song about not wanting to lose a girl or control of the subjects life.  “Wanna Be” is an emo-pop-punk anthem that has lyrics that could be shared on tumblr, pinterest, or be tattooed right onto the skin.  “Journal 1” reminds me of La Dispute, this band would do well on a label like Victory, Hopeless, Tooth and Nail, Topshelf, or any number of emo labels.  Closing out listening to the record now.  “Every Breath” starts off with a pretty epic drum fill from Ben Schnitz.  A pump up song about the healing process fitting for the subject matter of the rest of the record which flows nicely.

Go to the bands website to check out more content!

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Trailer Placement of the Month “Green Book”

Trailer Placement of the Month: Peter Farrelly’s Green Book and Sam Smith’s “Pray”

This month saw the release of the official trailer for Peter Farrelly’s Green Book- the real-life story of an Italian bouncer who was hired to escort a Jamaican-American musician on a tour through the Deep South in the 1960s. The film takes its name from a yearly mid-1900s publication known as The Negro Motorist’s Green Book- a guide allowing black Americans to safely traverse the U.S. at a time when Jim Crowe laws varied across state lines. Not only is this an odd-couple-roadtrip comedy- it’s an historical story of discrimination, inequality, and bringing about change with music, kindness, and respect.

Now for the music! The first act of TRANSIT’s trailer features an upbeat handclap beat supporting a spry, playful jazz piano as we’re introduced to this oil and water duo. However, the third act is where this trailer musically and emotionally shines with Sam Smith’s “Pray.” Smith wrote the song upon returning home from a humanitarian trip to Iraq, where the singer/songwriter had his eyes opened firsthand to the turmoil and suffering of our modern age and became compelled to sing out on its behalf. The soulful R&B/Gospel track pairs perfectly with Green Book’s underlying message of strife and struggle for a better tomorrow: its Timbaland-inspired beat allows for creative editing cuts, while enhanced choir hits accentuate strikes to the face and moments of emotional strife alike.

Follow TRANSIT at or on Twitter

Follow Sam Smith on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Green Book is in theaters on November 21, 2018

– Matt Slifka

Greenbook Trailer

“Pray” – Sam Smith